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Name:  MARK


Email Address:

     Located:  Northern California
     Age:  37
     Height:  5'9"
     Weight: 260
     Hair:  Red Brown
     Eyes:  hazel
     Marital Status:  single
     Hobbies:  Singing, Travel, Music,    Computers, Sci-Fi, Gardening/nature.












Mark says: 

I'm a 37 year old Single Bear/cub.. whatever works.. loving, cuddly and polite.  Currently at 255 lbs.. Take me as I am and you will also be respected for who you are.  

I love music: Classical; Bach to Stravinsky and Vivaldi Standards; 20's - 40's Billie, Ella, Nat, Peggy being a few favorites.. also.. Rock, Pop, Disco and other guilty pleasures. There is so much music to enjoy and not enough time in a lifetime. 

I enjoy Nature and live near Guerneville among the Redwoods. The Coast is just 15 miles from me and I spend as much time there as possible. Occasionally, Lynn and I sit out on his Deck discussing gardening or a number of other topics while enjoying his little wild kingdom of birds, squirrels and other critters that gather peanuts and seeds.  I have a little cottage apartment with my own deck and small garden.. and I love it... It's a beautiful life here and wonderful to have friends to share it with.. hopefully with a partner someday as well.  

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