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Featured Bear #9

Gleaned from Tucson Fiesta, I've made a Featured Bear of Corliss!

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Name:  Corliss

Email Address:


     Located:  Las Vegas, Nevada
     Age:  43
     Height:  6'
     Weight: 250
     Hair: salt & pepper
     Eyes:  Bright Green
     Marital Status:  single
     Hobbies:  road tripping, quiet time, outdoors with my close friends.

     Corliss says:  

My name is Corliss which is of German decent, handed down 13 generations probably ending with this one. Unless I get a puppy.  I like to change my appearance now and then.  I shave my head periodically, along with changing my facial hair. I am very comfortable with myself, my body, and my sexuality. "Oh" I'm single, kinda by choice.  I've been in love once, infatuation  often and lust constantly.  I don't prefer a certain  body type to another, but a personality is a must.  I also don't go out too often and it's been a long time since I've been in a large gay outing.  I'm not a loner, and definitely not shy;  I just don't feel comfortable in large groups.  My home is very important to me, and so are my friends -- the two mix often.  I'm also a nature lover and love to go out rural camping and exploring.  My favorite way to spend a weekend is to go road tripping --  especially with someone I care for  -- nothing like sitting naked in the desert with someone you love counting your blessings on earth and the stars up above.  I'm a very spiritual guy, not religious.  I need to be with someone who knows where he came from, where he's at and most of all where he wants to be.




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