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Name:  STEVE (aka BritBear)

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     Located:  Seattle, Washington
     Age:  33
     Height:  5'11"
     Weight: 299# and falling...
     Hair: none, dark brown, light brown, red... depends where you look :)
     Eyes:  no idea
     Marital Status: Happily Partner with Jeff.
     Hobbies:  Writing websites, listening to music (of *all* kinds), and meeting cool people that have a passion for life.

     Steve says:  

I am from Britain now resident in Seattle. I moved to Seattle nearly 8 years ago after getting a good price for my soul from Bill Gates :)  I work on software projects for a living, and do the same for my hobbies (Geek! - check out Luckily my sanity is saved by my incredible good luck in having a terrific group of close friends around Seattle and the US, and back in the UK too that I can go and hang out with to get away from the damned computer! I like to play at photography, but I am not even close to being able to match Lynn!  I love to travel and experience new places. Pictures of my travels are on my web site if you need some help in getting to sleep one night :)



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