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Name:  Bob   

Email Address:


     Located:  Chicago, Illinois
     Age:  45
     Height:  5'9"
     Weight: 230#
     Hair/Eyes: Hazel
     Marital Status: Single

o Movies & Theater - (I like performances in the dark!)
o Ethnic Restaurants - (and I have the belly to prove it!)
o Malling - (if done right - shopping can be a contact sport!)
o Working Out - (free weights - 3X a week - 48" chest/38" waist/17.5" arms/27" quads/16"
    calves - Not quite yet a muscle bear but I'm getting there!)
o Touristy Stuff - (museums, amusement parks, dumb T-shirts, getting lost in a new city)
o Traveling - (been there <-> done that - all 7 continents)

About me:
Happy to be 45, furry in face, chest, and legs. Over the past few years my "daddy bear" factor has been improving as glints of gray fur are sprouting on my chest and beard. I have a flat top, dark hair, hazel eyes and am often told I look Italian or Greek.... but my roots are eastern European - Russian / Polish / Ukrainian / Lithuanian. Most distinctively... I am known to usually have a smile on my face that turns my eyes into slits. It must be that touch of Russian Cossack-Mongolian hoard blood in me. 
What I am looking for:
I do not know if I have a type... but a man who I can love will...
. ...have varied life experiences and is not sucked into his career,
. ...have a backbone and will fight back when he has to,
. ...enjoy life to the fullest and take responsibility for it,
. himself and have many friends who love him,
. ...have an inner spark that shines through his eyes,
. ...respect his body - no abuses or excesses,
. ...have many skills that I can learn from,
. naturally masculine yet sensitive,
. passionate about many things,
. ...not let his dick run his life,

. ...and hold me tight all night long!

I enjoy meeting stable cubs and bears who enjoy getting into a bit of trouble every once in a while. I am HIV- and sexually, I enjoy being versatile. You can say that I like it best not having everything negotiated upfront. What happens in bed very much depends on the chemistry between two guys.  One thing is not negotiable - I am always safe.  As you can tell by my e-mail name ... one of my favorite contact sports is long tight hugs that crack your back. I have been known to lift many an unsuspecting bear off his feet with a surprise hug attack! <Evil grin!!!>
About Jeff
I met Jeff over 6 years ago at a bear gathering in Chicago.  He was an undeniably a cub back then. He was just 20 years old and just a shadow of his current furry woofy self.  Back then, Chicago had no outlets for guys below drinking age to mix with the bear community.  Jeff had to sneak into the Great Lakes Bears' gatherings.  This motivated me in a year or two later to be one of the first members of the Gen-X bears in Chicago.  Now this is not because I am in anyway Gen-X. (Yep, I am 100% Baby Boomer.)  I had run coming out support groups at Chicago Gay Horizons Community Center. I have always felt that there needed to be an alcohol free space where younger members of the bear community can meet.  Oh yeah ... and I guess there is a secondary reason.  I do like cubs a bit as well. (evil grin)
Over the years Jeff and I have shared a hug and a smile in some of the strangest places.  In a leather bar in Chicago, in a dark alley in New Orleans, in a hot tub in L.A., and most recently on a mountain top in Tucson. Jeff has always been and always will be a hard working and optimistic sort of guy.  He is consistently fun to be a round and always inclusive of others. These are qualities not easily found among bears these days. The best news is how happy Jeff is since James has entered his life.  Together with James' young son they have created quite an ideal little bear family.  We should all be that lucky! 



















Friendship.... When other things Crumble... It stands the Test of Time....

Name: Jeff

Email Address:

Located: Tucson, Arizona

Age: 26

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 255#

Hair/Eyes: Brown Hair/Blue Eyes

Marital Status: Partnered


o Scuba Diving - Love experiencing the deep and seeing new and interesting things.

o Sports - Love almost any sport, Football is my favorite and Tennis is the least favorite to me.

o Concerts - Try to go to as many Good ones as I can. (Not many good acts come through Tucson!)

o Roller Coasters - Love Riding on a Great Steel Coaster The taller the better!! Woodies are ok as well:)

o Traveling - Enjoy traveling (When I have money) Enjoy some bear events, but enjoy Hawaii the Most.


About me:

I am 26 Years old, and have probably been though more ups and downs in a shorter period of life than anyone! (At Least it feels like it to me) I identify myself as a Bear. I think we all go through the Cub stage etc.. and now I feel in my heart and mind I am a bear. I am a stocky guy, built pretty strong, and tough. Don't let the toughness fool ya -- I am a deep hearted man inside. As for Hair, I am extremely hairy, and even have a weird Vortex Spiral on my back, that kind of is like a birthmark for me. (You see the Spiral you say oh that is Jeff! I am part German/Swedish/and Italian. What Most people I have found throughout the years notice about me are my blue eyes. I honestly never think much about them  but time and time again people let me know about them. If you  would like to know more about me on a personal stand-point please write!

What I am looking for: Friendships: When Lynn suggested this photo shoot with Bob. It brought it all into perspective. Bob has been a friend of mine since I first came out, and has never judged me for how I have been etc.. (good or bad).  He has stuck by me and given me the emotional support friends do. He is a true friend and I am happy to have him in my life.  Anyhow, what I am getting at is that I am looking to make friendships with those who truly want a friend and are not out for ulterior motives. I know that sounds cruel, but I have had my heart ripped by people who just couldn't handle the type of friendship I gave and wanted more, and when I could not give more they left me. Some later realized what they lost and others choose to believe something else. But my true friends, I still have today and talk on some regular basis.

More on Jeff:

* I enjoy meeting new people and hanging out with them, whether it be at a Bear Run or whatever.

* I am in a Monogamous Relationship with a wonderful man named James, we have been together if you count dating a little over a year and a 1/2.

* I am HIV- and sexually, I enjoy being versatile, though mostly Top.

* I have Fetishes for Leather, Uniforms, and Rubber. (Once in awhile a Good Cigar)

* I have done some work with I am the Cover Bear for the 2003 and 2004 Calendars, as well as a Fantasy Bear on their website.


In Conclusion, I want to thank Lynn as well for being a part of my life as well. From some of the first  pictures he took of me back when I was a wee lil cub, to where I am today, he has always been a sweetheart and a man with such a big heart, and I am happy to have him as part of my bear family!  Anyhow, I hope this finds every one of you well, and I look forward to hearing from you soon! WOOF Enjoy the pics!










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