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Name:  Darwin Bebo
Email:  No Longer Available
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Age:  36 
Height :  6'
Weight:  260
Hair:  Brown
Eyes:  Hazel
Marital Status:  Single…Still
Hobbies:  Travel, adventure, home improvement, crafts, computers, and photography.
Darwin says:
Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, I moved to San Francisco in late 1997.  Since living here I have been exposed to the world of diversity, international flavor, and travel. I love it.  You never know who your going to meet or from where.  Living here has given me the chance to travel internationally several times and have friends and contacts in every city that I have visited from meeting people right here in San Francisco.  More specifically, meeting people at the Lone Star Saloon, which has basically become my second living room since it is so friendly and I am so social.  I have the travel bug and I have got it bad!!! (which of course, does not hurt my photography practice either).
I have been single now for over 5 years and feel that I am more than ready to find that special person to share my life with and build a home for.  You would think that it would be easy in San Francisco.  But, actually, having as many married people, open relationships, and fetish driven bars as this city has, it makes it more difficult.  However, sooner or later, that special one will show up and sweep me away.  Or, maybe I should import him (hmmm… pondering).
I don’t really have a type, because for me, it is more about the person and personality than the look.  However, if I were forced to choose a look.  I would say that physically I am into the chasers – the boyish looking, slender, usually fuzzy types.  I don’t know why!  I just am!  Maybe that is a bit of the ‘daddy’ in me coming out.  But I make friends with just about anyone and sometimes I am surprised at what attracts me.  So, I don’t judge.  I am a very outgoing social person and love to make new friends.  So, if you see me out and about, don’t be afraid to say hello.
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Darwin Bebo
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