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Featured Bear #14

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Name:  Bill Skitt

Email Address:


Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 34

Height : 5' 11"

Weight: enough

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Marital Status: Chronically Single

Hobbies: singing, reading, DVD's, camping, travel, baking goodies

Bearcode: B7 cvdv f+ g k- q- r s t+ w+

Bill says:

Just a single guy up here in Anchorage looking for a semi-fit cub to help keep warm in the winter. I am very active in the community here and like to do things with The Last Frontier Men's Club. It is always fun when we go camping or just out to get some grub. I am part of a singing group up here in Anchorage called The Bear Tones. Check us out at There is lots to see and do up here in Alaska and invite people to take the time and see what beauty our State has to offer. I am getting better at the correspondence thing, still not the most prompt responder though, so feel free to write an email and maybe we can be friends.


Anyway thanks again and see you soon. BTW this years theme at IBR (mid February)  is Superheroes. I think this could be interesting. They want us to dress up in a superhero costume for the opening number at the show on Sunday.


Warm Alaskan Bear Hugs,

Bill Skitt




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