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Featured Bear #13

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Name:  Charles

Email Address:



Location: San Francisco, California

Age: 43

Height : 5' 6"

Weight: 205 solid lbs  [working slowly but surely towards a MuscleBear build thanks to regular gym workouts.  But never fear, I'm always going to have a gut!]

Hair: jet black on top, but sporting a salt & pepper goatee.

Eyes: dark & piercing I am told

Marital Status: domestic partnered

Hobbies: movies (try to see a film every week), music (all kinds; and I still play my LP's!), media (print news junkie), politics (Liberal Democrat!), books (collect and read endlessly), and a good Margarita!

     Charles says:

I had the pleasure of looking at Lynn Ludwig's work for the longest time and we shared a few e-mails.  I was very lucky to meet him at the tail end of Lazy Bear Weekend, and he was gracious enough to share his perspective and home with me.  Man, it was a great experience to pose for Lynn, the sneak previews look fantastic, and I'm honored he considered me for a Featured Bear slot on his website!

I would like to hear from, meet, and establish friendships and connections with like-minded men.  Lynn noted that I come across as very serious, it's the Scorpio in me, and so I can appear stand-offish.  But once I let my guard down a bit, you'll find a man who cares, listens, and likes to explore options on a number of levels. 

On a more physical level, I prefer big men who are shorter in stature, and both MuscleBears and solid, full-bellied men can make my head turn.  But I'm open to what you are, and have to offer, so take a chance and write.  I truly believe that this life I'm living now is the last one I'll experience in this reality, so I want to make the most of it, given my relationships and resources.  Care to talk about possibilities of mutually enriching it over coffee or an e-mail?  Would love to hear from you.



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